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How do I know if management is for me?

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It’s good to reflect on whether you’re ready to have a Talent Manager before starting the conversation.

Here at FARQ, we will be a good fit if:

  • You have a consistent, steady stream of income from brand partnerships already in the £80,000/ $100,000 per year range.
  • Brands are actively reaching out to you with paid opportunities.
  • You are struggling to juggle all of the plates that being a Content Creator entails.
  • You’re dropping the ball and missing out on paid opportunities, because there’s too much in your inbox.
  • You don’t expect us to pitch and source all of your partnerships. Brands already know you’re a hot commodity. 
  • You’re open to direction and feedback in order to level-up your business.
  • You have big dreams and ambitions and take your business seriously.
  • You're open to being part of a community. You're keen to learn from others, share insight and attend company retreats, seminars and conferences.

Is FARQ taking on new creators right now?

We’re always on the lookout for the right creators. We’re looking for creators that have established a six-figure income from brand partnerships over the past 12 months, and are looking to out-source this part of their business so they can focus on the creative part.

What sets FARQ apart from other agencies?

  • We are a bespoke, boutique agency, which means we have more time to focus on individual creators.
  • Our core business values are support, encouragement, empowerment and education. We’re our clients’ biggest cheerleaders outside the negotiations, and advocates within.
  • We are a tight-knit community. We believe in collaboration and shared success.
  • We utilise our state-of-the-art in-house software to ensure smooth project and diary management
  • We believe in building our rosters’ profiles - through brand partnerships, PR and consistent exposure within external networking. It’s a 360 approach.
  • We’re in it for the long-haul. Talk to us about your 3/4/5 year plan. 
  • We have a UK and a US agency, meaning we’re involved in conversations on both sides of the Atlantic.

If we move forward in working together, what can I expect from FARQ as an agency?

  • You can expect us to hustle on your behalf, because ultimately, we don’t make money if you don’t make money.
  • We will advocate for you at all times. Positioning and presenting you as an ideal brand partner, while ensuring fair fees, deadlines, workload and usage.
  • You will have exposure. We are always shouting our creators’ names in rooms with influential people, making sure their names are at the forefront of a brand’s mind at all times.
  • Organisation. We pride ourselves on being professional and organised at all times to ensure repeat business.
  • Business management. From invoicing, contracting and legal advice to late payments. We help with the running of your 6-figure business.
  • Community. We facilitate FARQ’s community to encourage collaboration and shared success.
  • A great reputation. We protect our reputation at all costs to continue to attract high calibre talent and partnerships.
  • Networking. We spend a tonne of time and money on relationship building. The Business Development goes further than the email chains.
  • Pro-active pitching. We are all for sending out thoughtful, well-considered pitches to brands. We’d say this usually amounts to 30% of your campaigns throughout the year. 
  • Support. Endless support, encouragement and cheerleading. We’re open for creative brainstorm or motivational pep talks.
  • Eyes and ears. We are on the ground, taking note of casting calls and influencer recruitment. Gathering insight to pass on to our creators. 

What do you expect from creators signing with FARQ?

Great question! We expect our creators to...

Be on top of their game:

• Professionalism is key - we expect deadlines to be hit.
• Create high-quality content that adds value to conversations on the internet.
• Show up 3-5 times a week on social media.
• Regularly monitor insights and make changes based off of the findings.
• Treat themselves like a brand. Have their finger on the pulse of what they should be doing at all times and be ready to pivot accordingly.
• Seek external assistance for the jobs they don’t have time to do.
• Triple check their work to ensure it fills the brief.
• Build new skills and open to upskilling.

Be engaged with their community:

• Be active and consistent on multiple platforms.
• Show up and make connections with their community.

Be present within FARQ:

• Hustling alongside us. We’re a team and the best way to make the most out of having a Manager is working with them.
• Create a stream of projects and content ideas to be pitched to brands.
• Complete creative treatments/ proposals with 11/10 effort and commitment.
• Be timely and professional at all times, attending meetings and client calls when required.
• Treat other members of the team with kindness and respect. There is enough success to go around.

And above all? We need our creators to trust us. You’ve hired us for a reason, so let us take the lead. You’ll need to be OK with hearing a ‘NO’ from time to time. You understand the industry and the nuances that come with it.

How does FARQ get paid?

We work on a standard 20% model, no retainer. It’s in our best interest to make you more money. We don’t get paid unless you get paid.

Can you guarantee you'll land X amount of deals every month?

Nope. And any Talent Manager/ agency that says they can is lying. We have zero control over how a brand spends their budget and who with.

What we can promise is that we will do our very best to follow up on each and every lead to ensure you have the very best chance.

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