Who we represent.

Michaela Shoebridge
Originally from Slovakia and now based in Hull, Michaela fell in love with interiors during her time at Laura Ashley, where she worked for three years as a store manager. When she and her partner purchased their first home Michaela realised how much she loved interiors and putting her own stamp on things...
Amanda Cotton
Amanda is a fashion designer and interiors guru living in Watford, who took on her first renovation project in 2011 before starting all over again in 2019. Amanda aims to engage people with interior inspiration, styling ideas and bargain hacks as well as delving into the parenting sector thanks to her young son Otis. She has been featured in the likes of Real Homes and Roomy.
Shayna Alnwick
Shayna is a viral furniture flipper based in Glasgow. Shayna, who originally is from the US, provides home inspiration for her followers with super engaging videos of her up-cycling furniture. She has an engagement rate that consistently sits above 10% (insane, we know) because her army of followers are consistently loyal to her content. Shayna has an Instagram following of 230K and a Tik Tok following of 386K and regularly cross-shares her content, which often goes viral! Not only does she have impressive followings, but she is fun, authentic and relatable, and encourages her followers that they can flip furniture too.